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Psychological Consultation (ZOOM)

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  • 1 hora
  • $ 19
  • Online Consultation

Descripción del servicio

All the Psychologists associated with Mindscontrol will help you in your consultations and in person to overcome the following difficulties. -Anxiety; Have you thought for a long time that you should take a break but don't know how to stop? Do you think that self-demand and perfectionism end up limiting you? If you maintain a state of restlessness and worry or suffer insomnia, headaches, fatigue, rapid heartbeat or any other symptom of stress, at Mindscontrol we can help you. -Depression; If you lack enthusiasm or motivation, or when reviewing your life you feel some kind of dissatisfaction, call us and ask us your question. It may also be that you have lost something important and feel a certain emotional emptiness or are afraid of falling into a depression. We are specialists in emotional management and mood disorders and we can accompany you in your process. -Couple relationships; Do you have frequent conflicts and / or communication problems with your partner? Does the fear of loneliness or breakup block you in your relationship? If you think you may be in a toxic relationship or you are not happy with your partner, we attend to your case in a personalized way or as a couple, we will assess which is the best option in your case. -Other Specialties; High sensitivity (PAS), Self-esteem and Insecurity, Sadness and other emotional problems, Difficulties in Relationships (family, work, sentimental, friends, etc.), Grief, loss and emotional breakup, Fears and Phobias, Obsessions, Eating Behavior Problems , Traumas. If after the consultation, you decide to continue working with the same professional who attended you in consultation, you can reach an economic agreement and continue their therapy without having to hire again through Mindscontrol.


Mindscontrol guarantees that our associated professionals are always chosen by our team in a meticulous way and guarantees the highest standard of satisfaction. You can cancel your session up to 1 hour before it starts. If you cancel the session later or do not attend the session, the amount paid for it will not be refunded.

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