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Receive your birth chart in a personalized and explained way life.

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An astral chart is a plane or map of the sky in which we can see the planets located in the signs of the Zodiac and in the astrological houses, seen from a certain place on Earth and at a precise moment. The natal chart is that same map, calculated for the time and place of birth. So ... the birth chart and birth chart are the same? A natal chart is an astral chart, but in reality we can raise a chart for any time and place that occurs to us, it does not have to be a birth, any event of the kind that can be analyzed astrologically. The interpretation of the birth chart helps us, then, on a personal level, as a tool for self-knowledge and evolution. But the applications of astrology are not only there, as a self-help tool more so fashionable today, but it goes further and as a social science it allows human resources departments to select the employees of their companies or partners and form teams based on the letters of the candidates, make decisions and make economic, social or political forecasts, and of course it has an increasing presence in the field of psychology, where it is used as a support and complementary tool for therapeutic techniques. To know your astrological Ascendant, the planetary positions (position of the planets in astrological signs and houses) and the planetary aspects on the day of your birth, In order for the calculation of the natal chart to be correct, keep in mind that the time of birth it should be as accurate as possible. With this service, the 5 best experts in reading natal charts and making personal astral charts will send you your personalized chart with multiple points within 72 hours so that you can know yourself. They will ask you for all the necessary information via email and they will send you the Astral Chart to your email.


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