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Medical Consultation (ZOOM)

Medical question to a Mindscontrol healthcare professional.

  • 30 minutos
  • $ 9
  • Online with Zoom Video

Descripción del servicio

Online medical consultations are gaining ground in the health systems of all countries, since they represent savings for the system and greater comfort for the patient. But how do these types of services work? The operation of this type of queries is relatively simple given the technologies we have today. It's like a Skype video call, we have the doctor in his office talking in front of a computer with an integrated camera and at home we have the patient, in front of another computer with a webcam or perhaps just a Smartphone or a Tablet. Through telemedicine, patients can have easy virtual visits with a doctor via email, phone, video, or other devices. In this session, a medical professional will answer your questions and concerns and will even prescribe medications necessary for a treatment that you need. Mindscontrol will put you in contact with the professional you need according to your needs and the professional will contact you through Video Call by Zoom to deal with any health issue you need. Mindscontrol has a database with more than 5000 medical experts in all health matters and worldwide. Traumotology, Psychology, Neurology ...


Mindscontrol guarantees that our associated professionals are always chosen by our team in a meticulous way and guarantees the highest standard of satisfaction. You can cancel your session up to 1 hour before it starts. If you cancel the session later or do not attend the session, the amount paid for it will not be refunded.

Detalles del contacto

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