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Apply Law of Attraction (EMAIL)

Receive in your email an intensive video course with all the keys.

  • 15 minutos
  • Contact with the Professional by Email

Descripción del servicio

According to the law of attraction, an energy emitted in a specific way will attract another energy identical to the one projected. In other words, the natural forces of order are based on a magnetism that we generate and project. In other words, according to this belief, our negative or positive thoughts take the same form in their projection and, as a consequence, influence our environment. In short, and simplifying this we can say that our mind and our thoughts have great power that we do not always take advantage of. In this session you will receive in your email an Intensive Course with guide, tricks, tips and application videos so that you can apply the Law of Attraction successfully. The best world professional in this Law will help you to conquer what you want and correctly apply the Law of Attraction to achieve it.


Mindscontrol guarantees that our associated professionals are always chosen by our team in a meticulous way and guarantees the highest standard of satisfaction. You can cancel your session up to 1 hour before it starts. If you cancel the session later or do not attend the session, the amount paid for it will not be refunded.

Detalles del contacto

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